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Learn BigData Certification from best Institutes in Madurai. Big data refers to the approach of collecting data now and sorting out later which means one can capture and store data on a very large volume of actions and transactions of different types, on a continuous basis, in order to make sense of it later. It tends to uncover previously undetected patterns in data by leveraging advances in the technical aspects of collecting, storing, and retrieving data along with innovative ideas and techniques for manipulating and analyzing data. It also refers to the use of predictive analytics, user behavior analytics, or certain other advanced data analytics methods that extracts value from data, and seldom to a particular size of data set. The 3Vs have been expanded to other complementary characteristics of big data:
Volume: big data doesnt samples it just tends to observes and tracks what happens
Velocity: big data is often available in real-time
Variety: big data draws from text, images, audio, video; plus it completes missing pieces through data fusion

The Big data certification requires professionals who can prove their mastery with the tools and techniques of the Hadoop stack. The course covers some of the topics like Accessing, transforming and manipulating data, Improving data quality for reporting and analytics, Essential communication skills, Fundamentals of statistics and analytics, Working with Hadoop, Hive, Pig and SAS and exploring and visualizing data. The Certified Big Data Professional designation can be used as a standalone accreditation to verify competency in fundamental skills and one or more chosen skill-sets. This certification can also be used as an interim accreditation for IT professionals pursuing one or more specialized certification tracks. Big Data Science Professional designation is based on vendor-neutral coverage of technologies and tools.

Some of the best big data certifications are Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, Cloudera Certified Professional Data Scientist, MongoDB NoSQL Certifications, Oracle Business Intelligence Certification and SAS Certified Data Scientist. The program brings together some concepts like statistics, analysis, and written and oral communications skills. It introduces students to the tools needed to analyze large datasets, covering topics including importing data into an analytics software package, exploratory graphical and data analysis, building analytics models, finding the best model to explore correlation among variables and more.

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