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Learn Life Sciences-IT course from best training institutes in Madurai. The Life Science is a discipline that refers to any of several branches of science, such as microbiology, zoology, botany, or ecology, that deal with living organisms and their organization, life processes, and relationships to each other and their environment. It is also called bioscience. any science that deals with living organisms, their life processes, and their interrelationships, as genetics, botany, and ecology.

The list of life sciences comprise the branches of science that involve the scientific study of living organisms – such as microrganisms, plants, animals, and human beings – as well as related considerations like bioethics. While biology remains the centerpiece of the life sciences, technological advances in molecular biology and biotechnology have led to a burgeoning of specializations and interdisciplinary fields.
Some life sciences focus on a specific type of life. For example, zoology is the study of animals, while botany is the study of plants. Other life sciences focus on aspects common to all or many life forms, such as anatomy and genetics. Yet other fields are interested in technological advances involving living things, such as bio-engineering. Another major, though more specific, branch of life sciences involves understanding the mind – neuroscience.

The life sciences are helpful in improving the quality and standard of life. They have applications in health, agriculture, medicine, and the pharmaceutical and food science industries. There is considerable overlap between many of the topics of study in the life sciences.
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