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Learn MySQL Development from best Institutes in Madurai. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system(RDBMS), The MySQL development project has made its source code available under the terms of the GNU General Public License, as well as under a variety of proprietary agreements. MySQL was owned and sponsored by a single for-profit firm. The MySQL server software itself and the client libraries use dual-licensing distribution.

MySQL for Developers training teaches developers how to develop console and web applications using MySQL with their choice of the PHP, Java, or Python programming languages. This course will teach you how to write applications that maximize your investment in MySQL. You will learn best practice techniques for writing programs that store and retrieve MySQL data and present it to users in a way that allows them to gain insight into that data.

This course teach us how to develop SQL statements, views, stored procedures, and triggers for their MySQL databases. Participants also learn how to design and implement a database and how to work with foreign keys, transactions, and stored programs. In addition, fundamentals of database administration are covered, including logging, configuration, security, backup, and recovery.

SQL is the most popular language for accessing, adding, and administering content in a database. helps aspirants gain expertise in writing applications, including functions, data types, queries, triggers, transactions, and stored procedures. In order to achieve the Oracle Certified Professional, They become proficient in data storage in MySQL database. This involves tasks like insertion, retrieval, modification and deletion.The course curriculum also consists of practical sessions that tell you how to deal with complex queries.
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