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Learn Philosophy course from best training institutes in Madurai. Philosophy is the study of fundamental issues such as existence, and the nature of the world, often through systematic and critical discourse. It is not simply a theory about something. Nor is a belief or a wish. It is an activity: a quest after wisdom. It is an activity of thought. Philosophy is a particular unique type of thought or style of thinking. Philosophy is not to be confused with its product. What a philosopher provides is a body of philosophic thought NOT a Philosophy. It is critical and comprehensive thought, the most critical and comprehensive manner of thinking which the human species has yet devised. This intellectual process includes both an analytic and synthetic mode of operation. It as a critical and comprehensive process of thought involves resolving confusion, unmasking assumptions, revealing presuppositions, distinguishing importance, testing positions, correcting distortions, looking for reasons, examining world-views and questioning conceptual frameworks. It also includes dispelling ignorance, enriching understanding, broadening experience, expanding horizons, developing imagination , controlling emotion, exploring values, fixing beliefs by rational inquiry, establishing habits of acting, widening considerations, synthesizing knowledge and questing for wisdom.

Philosophy is about generating new resources for being. This is what is meant by “philosophy is the generation of new concepts, philosophy as an exercise in untimeliness.” It requires faith that doers can be thinkers as well. Otherwise, it has no point of application. There are two kinds of philosophy. Political philosophy starts from the immediate conditions of oppression. Pure philosophy starts elsewhere. The two kinds of philosophy might or might not meet in the middle. If they do not, it is not because either one is deficient to the other, but because the world is a complex and heterogeneous object in which different scales demand different methods of analysis. The old philosophies of pure and timeless universal thought were necessary. Their deaths signal the first great maturation of conceptualization. The old philosophies were anti-philosophies. New philosophy must reject timelessness while avoiding indifference.. The below are list of training centers which offeres best philosophy course training in Madurai. You will also find that training centers which offers philosophy training course with placement focused training in Madurai. At TrainingBox Madurai, We can help you to get the philosophy course fee details from top 10 philosophy training institutes in Madurai.
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