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Learn Veritas Cluster Server from best Institutes in Madurai. VERITAS Cluster Server is a high availability clustering solution that manages the availability of application services, such as DB2 database, by enabling application failover. The state of each individual cluster node and its associated software services are regularly monitored. A single VCS cluster consists of multiple systems connected in various combinations to shared storage devices. VCS systems in the cluster communicate over a private network. VCS monitors and controls applications running in the cluster, and restarts applications in response to a variety of hardware or software faults. Client applications continue operation with little or no downtime. Client workstations receive service over the public network from applications running on the VCS systems. VCS monitors the systems and their services.

VCS provides some important benefits such as it minimizes downtime, facilitates the consolidation and the failover of servers and effectively manages a wide range of applications in heterogeneous environments. Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) connects multiple, independent systems into a management framework for increased availability. Each system, or node, runs its own operating system and cooperates at the software level to form a cluster. VCS links commodity hardware with intelligent software to provide application failover and control. When a node or a monitored application fails, other nodes can take predefined actions to take over and bring up services elsewhere in the cluster.

When a failure occurs that disrupts the application either VERITAS Cluster Server or the VCS HA-DB2 Agent, or both will detect the failure and automatically take steps to restore the service. VERITAS Cluster Server moves everything associated with the to the new node so that users will not be aware that the service is actually running on another node. They will still access the service using the same IP addresses, but those addresses will now point to a different cluster node. When a failover occurs with VERITAS Cluster Server, users might or might not see a disruption in service. This will be based on the type of connection whether stateful or stateless that the client has with the application service. By supporting an application as a service that can be automatically migrated between cluster nodes, VERITAS Cluster Server can not only reduce unplanned downtime, but can also shorten the duration of outages associated with planned downtime.
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